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When solving these problems, learning by doing is much better than learning by reading. I encourage to you read only as far in the solution as you need, then trying to solve the problem. If you get stuck, try reading a little further. And of course, let me know if you find a better solution!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Free 30 minute practice programming interviews weekly with me!

To help the community, I've started to do one 30 minute interview every week for free for candidates (virtual, over some online coding tools). Email me if you're interested. It's good practice for the kinds of questions you'll get, and I'll give honest feedback as to your skills, likelihood of getting a job, and tips for improving/practicing for future interviews.

I especially like to work with minority candidates, and those looking to make career changes, so please shoot me an email, provide some background, and we'll set up a time.

Here's a talk I gave to a group of programmer job candidates: Noah's programmer workshop I also do this occasionally for companies in an M&A process and about to have tech HR due diligence.